Jack:---"I'm a Doctor, Jim, not a protector..."-----Jacob:---"It's Jacob, Look, never mind, go..go to the Light, and you'll see.."------He can throw a mean uppercut, and when someone talks, and he's in one of those rages, he won't hear you. Can he and his merry men of Lockely defeat the bad Deathcloud of Nottingham. Resourceful and almost like in groundhog day, quietly accepts his fate, calmly thinking about his next move. I hope he has a good talk with ol' Jacob. Could they use the EM on the island, to distract MIB into thinking he has found his true love, (Life off Island) and make him venture off into the FS reality.? And then close the door, somehow, locke it. Everybody gets ready for the Victory Luau...I like happy endings, as long as they aren't too cheesy. Get "Lost", or you'll engage the wrath of the island...

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