2012-"Lost" Island-High above the islands, a large balloon, with a picture of a cartoon chicken on it, floated in the clouds. Hurley saw it in a Bill Murray movie, "The Life Aquatic". He sat high above the island in a balloon, with a line attached to the Broken foot statue. Things were tense on the island these days. A large group of U>S> Air Force had taken over Hydra island and built a small base. Their commander, Captain Brace kept insisting they were there to help protect the island. But Ben was pretty down on them. Hurley knew, somehow, they were trouble. "Hurley..." He jumped, "Dude!", as beside him in the huge basket was Jack and Sayid, "I'm sorry, my friend, but that Air Force base is creating a mess", said Sayid, looking out over the island below. Jack was smiling, but he also looked concerned..."Scared you again? No, Hurley, they tapped into the energy and they have a creature running around Hydra destroying buildings, and it appears dangerous." Ghosts and monsters, thought Hurley, it never changes.--~~~~

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