'''Where were you when you first heard the call of the Island?'''

The '''Greatest Television show on Earth''' and we were there! I know, I for one am going to be 'Lost' without the show. Not even "House", my # 2 show, or old reruns of the amazing BBC show "Red Dwarf", and not even the greatest show on earth, Barnum and Bailey's Circus, can replace the intense, jaw-dropping drama of this amazing historic, one of a kind, T.V. show. I ignored commercials, but because I dream of Paradise, I bought an Island calender in Sept.,'08. I saw the pilot in January of '09, and over the period of the next 10 days watched seasons 1-5 on DVD. I was up nights, eyes wide open and remember the intense audio/visual roller coaster ride. I've been on the island ever since...:)--~~~~

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