"You all ev'rybody!! You all.........ev'...ry.......body??" I believe Jack hit the nail on the head when he said the MIB wants every one to kill each other. Now it's up to Arron and the Kwan's baby to time travel back and save their parents like Miles did with his dad potentially. So when Jack threw Fake Locke into the Pacific, he got wet and was unable to manifest into the smoke monster. And Sayid redeemed himself by going to pieces, I knew when Flocke put the back pack on Jack, it had to be the bomb. What a con-man MIB< Flocke is...outconned Sawyer n the rest... Poor Lapidus, trying to pilot a sub like a 747...I hope all these deaths on the show are leading up to something, I had girls crying in here,..jin n Sun barely got a hug in..before it was over...tune in next week, when, seagulls flock around a small transistor radio, with an oldie from the past streaming faintly into the jungle night...--~~~~

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