"Make youre own kind of music" --Theries about Geronimo Jackson and Driveshaft

---Music has played a role in lost and not even smoky can stop it. Wouldn't this be cool? If the two bands, pooled their money, bought the island and found a bit more than they bargained for? Taking that, one step further...What if the Losties are treated to an island party, with a concert by Geronimo Jackson and Driveshaft? Instead of being in the audience, a few of the members of the band were actually some of the Islands inhabitants. ....Charlie and his brother in DriveShaft, with Jacob-lead singer, Richard-keyboards, MIB-drums. ....And Geronimo Jackson could have Hurley on lead guitar, Claire and Kate-backup vocals, Sawyer-rhythm guitar and Jack-Bass guitar and lead vocals....I think it'd be pretty cool:) --~~~~

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