'''How MIB could win'''--"Just wait 'til you see what I'm about to do."--Locke to Jack--"What are you going to do, splash me?"--Sawyer to Michael--He either kills everyone and gets off the island or he destroys the island. It only ends once, As Ben and MIB, could hide out at the Hydra, use the toxic cloud that wiped out Dharmanians all over the island, and just savor the victory. Ben is a double agent who could double cross our Team Jacob. There are many secrets on the island and MIB and Ben know more than a few. They do not care, love or respect the island, so may not be under its sway. They could even sit back n wait for the "losties " to kill themselves off. Jacks new as light guard, and is untested. MIB and Ben are evil and full of hate. Cold hearted they could destroy the island and then the world.

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