(Island Time:73842, Earth Time: June 22, 2023)---Hurley knew Jack was right, it was time for him to take full control over the island. Jack's recent marriage to Kate had been a big event on the island. Richard, and his new wife Carol, had even arranged a large meal down by the ocean, on the longest table Hurley had ever seen. Jack was tired and wanted to move out near Rose and Bernard's cottage. The island was busy, and populated by lots of scientists from the Hanso Corporation, but Hurley felt that with Ben's help, he could continue the protection of the island. The invisible tower overlooking the island, was a favorite place for Hurley to sit around and chill. He looked down at the tiny resort community developing below him. He put on another album, this one by the band Journey, and the song " Still They Ride" echoed throughout the observation deck. "This ol' town, ain't the same Now nobody knows his name Times have changed, still he rides." Ater MIB practically killed Jack, he seemed to be interested in one thing. Hurley couldn't believe Jack talked Kate into returning to the island. But after Claire recovered and took over raising Aaron, she really had nothing, and no one. Hurley laughed, it had been great seeing Sawyer, and even when he got drunk and picked a fight with Ben, it had been alright. Ben had gotten quite good at dodging a punch. Miles and his dad, who had started up the Time Step operations, were hilarious, as they started a "Roast" on Jack and Kate's behalf. The Time Steps were beginning to show progress, as video recordings from some of the latest Time-drops indicated early success. Could they go back, and stop Michael from killing, that day? His love for Libby, was enduring. She had been such an angel. The sun had begun to set and the island lay like a beautiful woman, tanning in the late afternoon sun below him. The music relaxed the big man and soon he was asleep, for a much needed late afternoon nap.

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