'''How Light Guard Jack defeats Man In Black:'''"'He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us."-Jacks tattoos translated. It's time for Jack to tap into the islands energy, with Desmond, by his side, train their army and defeat MIB and Ben. Jacob said he would, at the campfire meeting, explain how to defeat MIB, right? Jack has yet to see the light, and is a lot more powerful now. His fellow candidates are incredibly resourceful, and Miles and Hurley are clairvoyant. If Desmond volunteers to go into the light, could he become a new smoky "brutha" to Jack? This would set up a battle, like Godzilla on the island, with a white smoky battling a black smoky. Or what if Jack returned to the Light house with a mirror, and somehow travels through it to the mainland and goes for help or calls for reinforcements? Jack and crew win, live to fight another day, because they have the island on their side. It is extremely powerful and probably has a few defenses when someone or something tries to destroy it. Jacks pack win because it's Jacob's game, at least at first, and MIB broke a lot of rules. Perhaps Desmond pulls MIB into an EM pocket, changing him back to non-evil, so he can leave the island? Jack wins because he loves Kate and the island,and MIB hates the island. Love Vs. Hate, and this time love wins.

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