(July 23, 2013)---Hurley and Ben sat on a ridge overlooking the island. They were at a loss for words. The sky had lit up and turned purple and now it had gotten much worse. "Hugo, is this really happening?", Ben asked, as they were rocked back and forth. "The island is moving,...", Hurley looked back over his shoulder, and he could see waves being made from the rapidly moving land, "..And from the looks of it, pretty fast. What in the world happened?", Hurley asked. Two men ran up and Ben ran up to talk to them. The men ran off towards the old volcano near the bottom of the ridge they were on. "It looks like that Air Force Captain...", Ben shook his head. "Brace?", asked Hurley, slamming his hand into his fist. "It appears he led a team into the volcano this morning. One of his team just came back and said something about...", Ben looked up as a small jet flew by overhead, "Captain Brace found an underground chamber." "Really?", Hurley was starting to get a bad feeling. "He found a button, and pushed it", Ben said. Where was the island going? Hurley would have to deal with Brace and his crew, before they destroyed the island. "Why'd he go down there? We better go check out that chamber. Get Brace and his pirate gang outta there, and Ben..", Hurley looked at Ben, as sweat began to form on his brow, "Whatever you do, Don't push that button until we get someone from hieroglyphics in there"

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