laughing as he disappeared into the jungle. Charlie's ghost had just told him to be careful, relating past experiences on his many rock tours. Hurley just had time to adjust his binoculars when once again, a huge bird settled down on the branches of a tall palm tree. "Hhhhuuuurrrrleeeyyy" It just sat there looking at him. Hurley lowered his binoculars, the new group of Air Force idiots who had just started the island off on a trip around the world, forgotten. It was that strange bird,..."What?!?", he asked. It just sat on the branch staring at him and Hurley stared back. The silence broken by the walkie talkie by his side. Ben's voice crackled to Life..."Bob, from ancient languages, said that the writing, on the wall, indicated a destination but no reason why.."...Hurley slowly picked up the receiver, all the while his eyes on the huge, ugly bird, "Ben, where does it say we are going?" The island had been moving around 45 miles an hour since around 4 pm that afternoon. Captain Brace and his idiot gang went underneath the volcano, and pushed a button in a deep, underground chamber. Men had run away, as the island rumbled, a few were caught in a small cave in, but were rescued. "Hurley, it spoke of a land of the sunshine, or..Well, Bob thinks it's Japan.", Ben's voice sounded anxious, on the other end of the walkie-talkie. He only looked away for a second, and when Hurley looked back, it was gone. No flap of wings or rustling of trees. Gone! Hurley decided not to tell Ben, yet, for what if it wasn't even alive, and maybe just a ghost? Besides, He had another island to worry about. The island of Japan!

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