Ben's Back! "...Would you like some Lemonade?" Ramming into Richard as the Smoke Thing is thirsty work. MIB gave Ben a stern look, then sat down and casually began cleaning ( blood ?) something out of his fingernails. If he's a manifestation or not a real human during his non-smoking hours, then what is he cleaning his nails for? Unless he was trying to intimidate Ben, as he is about to interragate him.Ben has become a double-agent, in one pocket is a walkie-talkie connected to the other, a You-can-have-the island-to-yourself card. He's playing two sides against the middle. What does he gain? Another promise from MIB. I winced when I heard Richard repeating MIB's old lie, and staying around to meet him. Kinda saw it coming, but Richards exit with the smoke flying 3D like from out of the jungle, still caught me off guard..( like an exhaust cloud behind the Tasmanian Dare devil) I bet there's a few on the island, we probably haven't seen all the wildlife. Jack's never even seen the Light Source, but he's it's protector( fits into my Jack is James Bond Theory) now. He will now defeat MIB ( evil Nemesis), not destroy the Island, but save the world and get the girl. Just like an Ian Fleming novel. But. I expect It won't be quite that simple. I always think the latest, newest episode is the best I ever saw. Mainly because of all the new information, and the new questions. I love the mysteries, the books in the shows, and all the new developements. So of course, even though that was only a builds up episode for the Finale. It rocked my world, it was by far, the best episode of "Lost". Just thinking about it brings up fond memories, and so much food for thought. All I can really "Wow!" So MIB promised Ben he could have the island to himself if Ben killed a few more people. Then he tells Ben what Widmoore whispered to him, before quick draw Ben shot him. " Oh, I just may have found a way to Destroy the Island". "But, you said I could have the island to myself?" Ben, you know MIB lies...don't you? What game is Ben playing?

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