Hey Eveyone,

So this is my thought about why the numbers exist.... i think that in the episode "Jughead" when the bomb is revealed Daniel tells Ellie to burry the bomb. He says that it is a hydrogen bomb and that the most sensible thing to do would be to burry it so it doesnt detinate since he is from the future. He tells her that the island will be just fine 50 years from now. I beleve that possibly the army developed a sequence of the numbers which add up to the sum of 108 that was a specific code to keep the buried bomb in tact. This may be why Desmond once said "just saving the world",and when the numbers were not typed into the computer the hatch where the bomb may have been located imploded and the sky turned purple due to the hydrogen that emitted from the bomb. this may also be why the top of the hatch said "quarantine" on it. Give me some feedback.

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