• Lostnerd

    MIB = Alt-Jacob?

    April 4, 2010 by Lostnerd

    Is it possible that, given that we know there are alternate realities (flash sideways), that MIB is in fact Jacob's mirror opposite in another reality? Jacob is obviously "gifted" in some capacity and has a unique relationship with the island. Is it possible that the island is a sort of Woods Between Worlds (ref. CS Lewis Narnia series) that allowed LOST reality Jacob or possibly all "Jacobs" in all realities the ability to "see" other Jacobs? If so, LOST reality Jacob discovers his negative counterpart, realizes nega-Jacob's plan to bring about an "Omega Point" in his own reality - thus destroying the rest of the realities by proxy, and devises a plan to "jail" him in LOST reality in order to try to convince him not to carry out that p…

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