Hello everyone! Its been awhile since I've last been here but I finally saw "The New Man in Charge" (about time, huh?) and of course it got me to start thinking about that episode and then asking some more of my stupid random questions about Lost in general.

In the "New Man" why did Walt commit himself to the mental hospital? Some friends of mine who were into Lost said it was because of his "special powers" he just couldn't function in society. But he seemed to be okay when Locke visited him in school and when he visited Hurley in the hospital. Was it because he felt guilty about his Dad being a murderer? And what kind of job do you think Walt is going to do for Hurley back on the island? Is he going to be the new Richard? I figured that was Ben's job!

Also when Desmond was zapped with the energy and travelled to the afterlife, while he was there chasing down Charlie and Locke and so on, was he really dead or was he a "visitor"? He told Kate he just wanted to get back to his wife and kid and Eloise was afraid he was going to take Daniel with him. So was it his consciousness that entered his dead soul or was he really temporarily there in some kind of form?

And (whew! I know its alot of questions:)) I was just genrally wondering what do you think happened to Cindy, Emma, and Zak? They just kind of disappeared halfway through the final episodes!

I checked the Lost articles on here for the answers but some were vague (I guess they really have to be because some of the answers are left up to you) and I'm sure all this has been discussed many times before but I just wondered what some of your thoughts were. Thanks!:)

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