This is another question which doesn't have anything to do with the entire story of Lost but something I wondered about. When Hurley discovered he had the winning ticket and hadn't yet told anyone, there is a scene where he and his friend drive up to the store where Hurley had bought the ticket. There is a news crew there talking to the manager and the manager happens to look over and sees Hurley and says thats the guy who bought the ticket and everyone runs over to talk to Hurley. Now, my question is, how did the manager know it was Hurley who bought the winning ticket? Lotteries know when a winning number has been bought and the store where it was purchased but no one knows who bought the ticket until the winner comes forward. Why would the manager remember that Hurley was the one who played those exact numbers? I would think that the store sold hundreds of tickets with all kinds of numbers and although Hurley probably was a regular customer and maybe well-known, why would those numbers be specifically remembered being bought by Hurley? Was that a mistake made in the script? Or were the writers just suspending logic to move the story along? Or did I miss something along the way? Just wondering! What do you think?:)

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