This is another one of my crazy questions that really has nothing to do with the overall story of Lost, just something I'm wondering about. I'm reading a book about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. So while reading it I couldn't help but think of some of the similarities in the relationship between Kurt and Courtney and Charlie and Claire in Lost.

First off, of course both Kurt and Charlie were rock stars. Both were drug addicts. Courtney Love was a groupie before being a musician and in a flashback Claire was dressed like a Goth-like groupie, so she could of easily been a groupie as well, maybe even a fan of Drive Shaft. I could easily see her following Drive Shaft around!

Of course, Kurt Cobain commited suicide and Courtney has attempted suicide in her life before, so my question is, was Charlie's drug addiction a hidden desire to commit suicide? After all, he wanted to get Drive Shaft back together, which Liam opposed. We can assume Charlie was in serious debt and depressed. (In the afterlife, he told Jack after saving him he was supposed to die).

As for Claire, well she had Aaron on the island and it looked like they weren't going to be rescued, she was scared and confused about raising a child. Then when Desmond saved her from drowning, she said she had gone out for a morning swim. But she was fully dressed. Was that a suicide attempt from Claire? I know this is all kinda depressing but I was just wondering! What do you think?

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