What a great start to the final season ! A few questions/theories were answered. MIB/Flock is the smoke monster, the bomb must have gone off, what was in Hurley's guitar case and why he was needed back on the island.

But we now have new questions that need answers. Like who are those two new guys in the temple ? I myslef think one of them is Magnus or Alvar Hanso ( guy with glasses ). How did Sayid come back to life. I don't think he is Jacob as i see a few people on here do. We've leaned that the ash keeps the smoke monster out. But then raises the question again as to how ash around cabin was broken ? And hardest question yet is what is the deal with the island being under water ???

I like the theory i've seen on here about there being two parrell universe. ONe being whats happening on island and the other in LA.

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