Just got through re-watching the pilot episodes, and was noticing little things that haven't been answered(that I know of). Let me know what you think...And please don't be rude when you leave comments. Everybody's allowed an opinion and questions. Even if you think you know it all!

1) In the opening scene, Jack is seen running to the crash. First of all, how did he know where to go? I didn't hear the airplane or screams when he woke up or when he was running through the jungle. He ran like he knew exactly where he was going.

2) When Jack reaches the beach, he looks to the right. As he starts looking to the left he starts to hear the screams and engine. Probably a dramatic effect. What I don't get is that when the camera pans to the left, all you see is palm trees, the ocean, the beach, and mountains. I didn't see smoke, people, or any part of a plane. But when he runs to the left in the next scene, all hell is breaking loose.

3) Charlie was in the front of the plane when the turbulance started(that's where he retrieved his stash when he, Jack, and Kate found the pilot). It looked like(and would make sense that)he buckled himself up in the front section of the plane. So how did he survive and nobody else from that section did(besides the pilot)? And how did he get to the beach?

Like I said, Please don't be rude.

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