"One side is light, and one side is dark"

I'm pretty sure all of you know who has died, how they died, and who caused them to die. I do too, but I realized a few things last night. Most people who have died on and off the island were opposites of their killer. Main thing I noticed was hair, but skin was also a factor. Maybe Jacob and Nemesis are playing a backgammon-like game with everybody, and the one who has the most(or only) survivors wins. There have been alot of deaths that have this pattern. Let me explain:

Ethan(dark hair)- killed by Charlie(light hair) Shannon(light hair)- killed by Ana Lucia(dark hair) Daniel(dark)- Eloise(light) Charlie(light)- Mikhail(dark) Libby(light)- Michael(dark) Paulo(dark)- Nikki(light) Keamy(dark)- Ben(light) Bonnie(light)- Mikhail(dark) Goodwin(light)- Ana Lucia(dark) Jacob(light)- Nemesis(dark) Jason(light)- Ana Lucia(dark)...Damn, she's a serial killer! Nathan(dark)- Goodwin(light) Naomi(dark)- Locke(light) Wayne(light)- Kate(dark) Colleen(light)- Sun(dark) Kelvin(light)- Desmond(dark) Ana Lucia(light)- Michael(dark) Anthony Cooper(dark)- Sawyer(light) Tom Brennan(light)- Kate(dark)

This also applies for enemies or rivals:

Jacob(light)- Nemesis(dark) Jack(dark)- Sawyer(light) Kate(dark)- Juliet Ben(light)- Charles(dark) Juliet(light)- Harper(dark) Charles(dark)- Eloise(light)

This is just a few examples. Let me know what you think.


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