This is my first time posting so please forgive me if this topic has already been discussed. I have some questions regarding the timeshifting. When Ben turned the wheel at the end of season 4 we saw the island disappear. The helicopter and the freighter stayed in present time (late 2004). This would imply that the whole island is travelling through time. However, John Locke disappeared from Richard and the Others’ company. The Losties turned up at various points during the island’s history eg when the 4 toed statue was still whole, when Desmond was still in the hatch, in the 1950s with Jughead, and then finally 1974 with the DI. This would imply that the Losties (and only the Losties/Juliet/freighter team) were travelling through time and the island was standing still. So which is it? Why did no one else on the island experience the time shifts? When Juliet and Sawyer were discussing leaving the island in 1974, if they had left, what year would it have been when they reached USA (or wherever they would have decided to go)? Jin was on the freighter when it blew up. Was the force of the explosion so strong that it blew him into the perimeter of the island that allowed him to travel through time as well? When Daniel left the island (was it to go to Ann Arbour?), what year was it there, and how did he come back to 1977? Also, did Ben know when he turned the wheel that this would happen? He had just given leadership of his people to John, but did he know that John would not be around to actually lead them? I hope someone is able to answer these questions for me, or just have some theories on what is happening, I know we don’t have all the answers yet!

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