• Lostinme

    Ok, I'd like to see what peoples opinion on this thought are.

    We know that the reason Richard doesn't age is because of Jacob, yet we still don't know why Jacob has bestowed this gift upon him. Is it possible that Richard somehow helped Jacob imprison the Nemesis in the cabin and that the cabin has been there for a lot longer than we have been led to believe.

    Ok so we saw Horace "building" the Cabin in Locke's dream, but we don't know if this was the same cabin that Jacob or whoever inhabited. What evidence is there to say that Horace never finished his Cabin and that the Cabin we see hasn't been there since the days of the Black Rock or earlier?

    My theory is this;

    Richard was a passenger/sailor/captain on the Black Rock. He kills the Nemesis …

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  • Lostinme

    Ok, see what you think on this theory, it just occured to me!!

    When Locke first saw the smoke monster, think it was Walkabout, he said "I've looked into the eye of this Island... and what I saw was beautiful"

    Is it possible that he saw the smoke monster as not a monster but Jacob and maybe instead of black smoke it was White, hence it being beautiful, he said he saw a beautiful bright light to Eko

    Maybe Jacob wanted Locke to help him and Otherman realised this and so manipulated the events to make sure he could use Locke as a loophole. In Exodus Pt 2, the Monster attacked Locke and tried to drag him down the vent. Could this be Othermans way of getting to Jacob quicker? Killing Locke there and then but then re-emerging as Locke from the vent,…

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