I rewatched One of Them, from season 2.

Here are a few things to point out:

- Rousseau does not remember Ben's face or his voice from when he came to take Alex. Why?

- When Ben was being kept in the armory in the Swan station, I noticed there was a hatch on the floor of the armory.

- When Ben claimed to be Henry Gale, he said he was rich and sold his company. When Sayid asked him what kind of company, he said the company made non-metallic metals. Could the real Henry Gale have owned the company that made the metals necessary to build the swan?

Sayid was connected to Sam Austen, Kate's adopted dad and to Kelvin, who later ends up on the island.

Last but not least. This was pointed out by many people when the actor was cast for the role of Bram. People thought they were casting a younger Kelvin. I have a theory that Bram is either Kelvin's son or IS a younger Kelvin, through time travel.

Any thoughts?

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