What if the off island OT and the off island FST are part of the game between Jacob and MIB and the island events are actually the end game for both?

Maybe there were numerous other attempts at the game. (other timelines) Meant to screen out all of the candidates until a winner is found.

During the first 4 seasons we learned that all the crash survivors were interconnected somehow. Now in the FST, they're also discovering they were on the same flight and that they're also interconnected.

Hurley owns Temp agency. Rose works there. Locke went for a job Hurley owned box company where Locke worked Bernard did oral surgery on Locke Jack and Claire are siblings. Sun, Jin, Keamy, Sayid, Sayid's bother, Nadia. Arzt & Ben working at the shcool Widmore and Desmond working together. Sawyer, Miles as partners Lockes dad, Cooper, conned Sawyer's parents.

Jacob said he brings people here and offers them a chance to start fresh and make good decisions right? What if they were all brought to the island a long time ago and that chance takes place over and over again in other timelines.

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