In a few blogs down - Edelgado92/another question for all you lot - we were talking about the mystery of Desmond's picture and Aunt Hershey raised a question about the timing being a bit off. This got me thinking about the timeline and I went to those pages and made a few notes. It doesn't add up that Michael left the island on day 67 and was on the freighter on day 77. There wasn't enough time for him and Walt to get back to the states, leave Walt with his Grandmother in New York, have his suicidal moments and for all the freighter arrangements to be made. The same day that Michael left was when the Swan imploded and that was when Penny's watchstation men reported the anomoly and possible location of the island. I think that Widmore was spying on her and found out the location but had already got his plans in place because of his past knowledge. What if when the Swan imploded, the island was moved in time, giving Michael and Walt more time to get to the states?

Widmore had arranged the fake Oceanic plane and the freighter really quickly and had given orders (1st and 2nd protocals)knowing what might happen. He knew that time travelling had been going on because he had met John in the 50's and sent Richard to visit him growing up and presumably he knew about Daniel in the 70's. He funded Daniel's research and ordered Abbadon to make sure that John would go on a walkabout to ensure he would be where he was supposed to be. Also, he knew that John was going to be coming through the FDW.....

Sorry for rambling but I think that there is something important in this. Any thoughts?

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