Is anyone on here old enough (like me) to remember The Invaders? (The original 60's series not the awful remake done in the 90's) I just wondered if anyone had noticed a similarity with the music that accompanies something dramatic happening like smokie or a cliffhanger ending. You know the sort of horn note going down, almost like siren? Well it always reminds me of The Invaders. This started me thinking that there may be more similarities. Both shows have a sci fi theme, both involve some sort of duplicate people, both have an end of the world as we know it theme. However, if season 6 does end up with the explanation that Jacob and Flocke are aliens I will be very disappointed. I felt the same about the last Indianna Jones film, it just didn't seem right and a bit of a cop out! Don't get me wrong, I love sci fi and alien films etc. but Lost has been so different it deserves an original twist to explain it all.

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