1) Why did Daniel sent Desmond to Oxford to find his Mother? Surely he would have known she was in the States? Also what was the point? When he arrived at the Lamp post, he didn't really pass on any message and all Eloise said to him was that the island wasn't done with him yet. She only seemed interested in getting Jack and co. back. 2) Ben, Richard, Eloise and Charles all seem to know what's going on as they have made numerous comments privately to each other e.g ..."he's going to be a problem"... 3) It was said that Miles was asked to go to the island because of his abilities of communicating with dead people, but I can't see what use that would have been to Charles Widmore's plan to find and regain the island for himself? Also there has not been any significant use of this ability yet apart from Danielle and Karl's bodies and the dead worker in '77 Any thoughts?

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