Lost King Arthur

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Hello again. No I havent't got another convoluted theory, just a bit of fun! After the Star Wars blog (a few down) I was wondering if I could combine Lost with my other great love.... King Arthur! Who would you have as the Losties? Mine would be:

Arthur : Jack

Guinevere : Kate

Lancelot : Sawyer

Merlin : Jacob

Morgause: Claire

Mordred : (Aaron LOL!)

Uther : Christian

Gawain : Charlie

Percival : Locke (ask the right question John!)

The Fisher King : MIB

Bedwyr : Desmond

Cei : Ben

Elaine : Juliet

Galahad : James and Juliet's son....

Culhwch : Jin

Olwen : Sun

Ok I'm getting bored now......roll on February!

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