Relating to the Lost Marathon in London (previously discussed a couple of weeks ago), on the Sky One forum, there were suggestions that if possible, any cinema screenings would be great. I suggested the following:

Perhaps a condenced version could be shown in cinemas? If limited screenings were arranged, what would your top episodes be? Off the top of my head, I would choose the opening and closing episodes of each season and a couple of selected episodes. E.g. The pilot 1&2 obviously, followed by maybe Walkabout and Deus ex Machina, then Exodus 1&2. Season 2 would have to include One of Them and Lockdown. Season 3 I Do, Flashes before your eyes, Tricia Tanaka is Dead, Season 4, The Constant and The Shape of things to come. Season 5, Jughead, 316 and Dead is Dead. Season 6 The Lighthouse, Ab Aeterno and Across the Sea.

What would you choose?

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