• LostieDiego

    So i'm rewatching season 1s 'raised by Another' when i hear Claire mention she only earns $5 an hour and currently living in Sydney think to myself geez i thought minimum wage here was $14 an hour Claire could make some good money suing her employer because of how illegal that it.

    So it might just be because i'm crazy but things like that really really annoy, its worse when they talk about about Christian paying Claire's mums medical bills, not that the Australian government would complain but one persons bills isn't going to worry them.

    So i had my little rant... i'm happy now

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  • LostieDiego

    Favourite Characters

    August 7, 2009 by LostieDiego

    So after reading a few kate and Jack rants I was just wondering who the general favourite characters are of people out there in lostpedia. Of course it would be too hard to just name one so lets say 5 top favourites. Mine would be:

    1. Juliet 2. Ben 3. Sayid 4. Rose 5. Jin

    Ben was my favourite but lost a place after being played by Jacob and nemisis in the season 5 final. Hope to hear others

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