Widmore and Ben Linus have allready won the war that has come but Widmore was tricked into leaving the island by Ben . This is the Future to come. But when Widmore left the island in the future , he was sent into the past in Tsunia. Way into the past. Now widmore has to wait until the right time when he knows when the war will come on the island, this is how widmore has allways known stuff from the future.............. his character off the island is from the future, the same as ben, BUT after widmore was tricked off the island..... ben moved the island and was sent into Tsunia before his first time, and this is why everything looked famialar to him.... in the episdode where we see him go to the hotel also where he says its been awhile since hes been here, because ben from the future is the one that went there first to Tsunia, as dr. ben from the future knows what to do and what people to get on the island to prepare for the WAR that he allready knows that comes.................Ben cant kill widmore because it was them 2 that had won the war......., but now we see widmore needing locke to run his wondering if BEN is trying to help the losing side of the war in the future.............HIS reward, HIS MOTHER BACK FROM THEM....................whos them???????

I think in the future to come the island is on a clock mode to move somewhere in the future to where evereyone will need to be prepared for war because when the island moves, i belived everyone will end up n the sametimeline on the island in the future when we see the island move again..........Walt will be there on the island in the future by lockes side and his dad michael on his other side since they are on the same side, the dead have risen to help locke in the war against the temple the alien and the smokey well the ending is getting ending it peace...

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