This is my first posting to Lostpedia, but I wanted to see what others thought. Do you think it is possible that Juliette did NOT set off the bomb and this was a flash of light only representing a flash in time. Maybe Season 6 will open with them all back in the future?? Or maybe not?? It seems unlikely that the bomb fell that far and did not go off and then would actually go off just from Juliette beating on it a few times? If this were the case, then everything did still happen, and Pierre went on to make his videos. Maybe the initial start of the electromagnetism, which we clearly saw taking place, caused the first flash of light to a different time. Just a thought...

Also, when Juliette fell into the is it possible that the chain kept wrapping all the way around her?? Do you think this could somehow be the monster/smokey??

Lastly, does anyone think that it is possible that Jacob's encounters with some of Losties off the island were not in real time? Like, maybe with the time travel, he had encounters with them after these incidences in their lives (i.e., kate stealing, sawyer's parent's death...all of which led them down negative paths), hoping to change their view of mankind and look for good in people, and to change their paths in a more positive direction??

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