The Open Window-Episode 2-Of All Time

Lostfanman December 5, 2010 User blog:Lostfanman

Hayley Johanson stared out at the ocean with two thoughts. The first was, "I'm Free of them!" while the second thought was, "Why can't i have some luck every once and a while." She stood up, and turned around. She went over to her tent, which regrettably was placed next to the doctors tent. Hayley coudn't stand blood, because it reminded her of Moscow.


"Please, just leave me alone! Just tell your men to leave me alone!" Hayley begged the man with the scar. "Really sweet cheeks, just call me Rapheal. Now I told you earlier, and i'll tell you again, asking a man to tell his men who have AK-47s to leave a woman alone after killing 200 people is just a waste of breath. Now since I did kill your boyfriend and all, I guess I should kill you too! But i'm not that generous. Instead, what I am gonna do, is let you go. Let you go with the knowledge that you saw 200 people die. Let you go, knowing that if you turn us in, we'll kill every person you've ever met in your life. Let you go with the knowledge that we're not done with you. Let's call it... a training session for my men. A lesson on hunting targets. I'll give you a 3 week head start. But in 3 weeks, we'll hunt you until we have found, killed, and disposed of your body. So go on, live a happy three weeks!" As Hayley started to leave, Rapheal pulled something out of his pocket. "Hear, i'll give you something i found off of one of the bodys. Now go before I decide to kill you now." Hayley lokked at what Rapheal had handed her. Tickets for a flight to Sydney, and then extra money for another flight.


Hayley dedcided to go to bed. As she was about to fall asleep, she wished she hadn't spent the extra money for that plane to Los Angelas.


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