Josh Ball awoke with a horrid pain in his ankle. He looked down and saw that the bone was sticking out. He threw up a few times, and noticed what was surronding him. Trees in every direction, grass and dirt was all over him. Then he relized he was covered in blood. He stood up, but screamed in pain and fell down. So he decided to crawl, for that was all he could do, with his ankle broken. He crawled for about fifteen minutes. Then he saw it. He saw Oceanic Flight 815. He kept crawling. As he got closer, he realized it was in twenty peices. People were everywhere, screaming, running, dying. Then a man in a tuxedo ran to him, and said, "Are you ok?" Josh replied,"Peachy," and pointed to his ankle. The man dragged him to an area away from the wreckage. Then he saw the wing fall. He started to scream," Where am I?" The man said, "I don't know," and Josh passed out from pain, heat, and confusion.

"Another drink sir?" The flight attendent asked Josh Ball. "Actually, I would lo-" He tried to ask as a man ran by, followed by more flight attendents. Josh was traveling from Sydney to Las Angelas to meet his overweight doctor, Rita Benjinitalitoniocilopez. He had been having ankle issues. Suddenly, the plane hit turbulance. The passengers started grabbing their seats. Then he heard a crack, looked back, and saw the tail section, gone. Then everything went black,


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