Like many of you, I have been very upset with this season. I see 10 more questions posed than answered every episode and watch a seemingly irrelevant plot take up half the season when so much must be answered. So many loose many twists that haven't been answered or explained. They are important because they made us keep watching every season and look forward to this season, where it would all come together. I got very angry...until I had a revelation. I saw someone playing Jacob's theme on a keyboard on Youtube and got chills. I realized that even if questions are left open and loose ends are not tied, it cant take away what I feel from this show. Its a work of art and even if we dont find out about Annie or the Whispers or the pregnancy issues, will this show be somehow worse? We shouldn't judge it based on whether all the loose ends are tied, but on how it made us feel. Besides, a few loose ends are good because it will keep us guessing and theorizing long after the show is over. All the big questions: the statue, Richard, the smoke monster, etc. will probably be explained anyway. Starting next episode, I'm gonna stop having the expectation that we will get answers and maturely take the episode for what is is.

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