When Ben turned the wheel, he knew that he would be transported off the island and couldn't come back because of the rules, until he actually did on ajira 316. But Ben didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay on the island and lead the others. Thats why he got widmore kicked off and killed Locke: so there would be nobody to stand in his way. So why didn't he just let Locke turn the wheel and have HIM leave? Was it because he knew what would happen to the island (spin through time and kill almost everybody) or did he do it because "Jacob wanted him to suffer the consequences"? If it was Jacob that made him leave, how did he figure that out if they've never spoken? Was it Richard who told him that Jacob wanted him to turn the wheel after Richard shot Keamy in the back and before Locke and Ben descended into the orchid or did Ben just feel he needed to be punished for letting Alex die by being exiled off the island?

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