This theory only works, I guess, if you suscribe to the whatever happened, happened theory, which in my opinion is the correct theory because if the timeline was reset, how could Jack and Juliet have ever gone back in time to reset it in the first place? Anyway, when Radzinsky and Phil had Juliet and "Lafleur" tied up toward the end of the season (I think it was in "follow the leader"), Lafleur made a deal to get them off the island: he mapped out the hostile's position on the island. Up until that point, the Dharma Initiative and hostiles had a truce. It wasn't until baby Ben grew up into psycho killer Ben that the hostiles decided to wipe them out in one giant purge. The "how" part of the purge has been answered: Ben lead the others straight to the Tempest where they could use Dharma's best weapon against them. But the "why" is still unclear. What happened to break this truce? Ben said in cabin fever that it was their leader's decision (or leaders') to initiate the purge. Could this have been Jacob, who we have seen as a hands-off, humanity-loving ruler who hates to get involved? Could this have been the MIB posing as Jacob, as a lot of evidence suggests he has (see: Illana burning down the cabin because Jacob hadn't been there in a long time, even though mr. "help me" and Christian Shephard were seen talking it up in "The beginning of the end"). Or could it have been Sawyer, who gave the DI a map straight to the hostile's camp, where they could attack and defeat the island's original inhabitants and get to conduct their experiments in peace? Anybody think that the purge was retaliation for the Dharma Initiative attack the hostiles first?

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