I was just reading a post by Alexkevans commenting on a theory posted over 4 years ago about how the Dharma Initiative and Alvar Hanso staged the crash of Oceanic 815 and put our losties on the island to protect them from the immenent destruction of earth. In the theory, the earth lost its magnetosphere and the only place in the world that would still have enough electromagnetic energy to repel the sun's radiation and harbor any form of life would be the island. In order for humanity to survive, a diverse and skilled group of people (the 815 survivors) needed to think that they had crashed so that they could pull together to survive and repopulate the earth. My take on this: J.J. Abrams, Darlton, and all the Lost writers PREDICTED THE END OF THE WORLD!!! In 2004, They were trying to make Lost into a popular series and had some good ideas, but one day stumbled across startling information when researching information for the show. They figured out that the world would indeed lose its magnetoshere in 2012 after heavy calculations and studying people like Hans Oersted and Michael Faraday. So they used their knowledge of the earth's electromagnetism to find this mysterious island in real-life that would protect people after the world is destroyed in 2012. But the writers couldn't just tell the government: the government would only put rich people and politicians on this island and the writers knew that only the best and brightest people should repopulate the planet. So they inserted clues into the show about the end of the world hoping that the smartest Lost fans would see them. They will then find everybody who was smart enough to figure these clues out and relocate them to the island so that they will survive the 2012 destruction of earth. These clues are everywhere: the electromagnetic hatch that can destroy the world, an ancient civilization of natives (the others) protecting the island's secrets (the Mayans discovered the secret of 2012), the fact that 20+12 (2012) equals 32, which is 23 backwards and 23 is one of the numbers! Who's with me on this?

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