In "There's no place like home", Sun said that there were two people that were responsible for Jin's "death", her father for turning him into his hitman, and an unknown second person. This turned out to be Ben. This was pretty obvious considering her conversation with Widmore later in the episode: how they had common interests (killing Ben) and that they (the Oceanic 6) weren't the only people to leave the island (Ben, Desmond, and Frank were the only others). That said, I thought over the season 4/ season 5 hiatus with 100% certainty that it would be Locke who told Sun that Ben killed Keamy, triggering the bomb that blew up the Kahana when Jin was on it. He was the only living person to see this happen. All of the pieces added up: Locke was revealed to be dead in the season 4 finale after trying to bring back the Oceanic 6, meaning Jin's name would obviously come up when he and Sun met and Locke would explain that Ben was to blame, causing Sun's rage at Ben and her teaming up with Widmore to kill him. This was disproved in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" when Locke never got to talk to Sun about Ben before being killed...BY BEN!!! So, my question is: why did Sun blame Ben as one of the two people responsible for Jin's death? She never knew it was he who triggered the bomb. Was it because he was the reason all of the bad stuff on the island happened at all? Was she mad at him for bringing his feud with Widmore to the island, which culminated in Jin's apparent death? If these are the reasons, why did she blame Ben but team up with Widmore? Widmore brought the mercenaries to the island with the intent to kill everybody on it, wired a boat with C4, and was responsible in every way for the boat blowing up (to Sun's knowledge). IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

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