How cool would this be for a season opener?

The "previously on Lost" montage runs, culminating in Juliet detonating the bomb and the screen going to white. The camera pans out and this white screen is made to be part of a burning flame. This flame is shown to be a torch lit in a dark room and the camera pans over to a body lying face up on the ground. The camera then focuses on the closed eye of this body just as it opens, a la the Pilot episode where Jack's eye opens. This body is shown to be a young boy in his late teens with dark hair and medeival clothing. We do not recognize him. The boy gets up and looks scared, but has the feeling that he knows where he is. Suddenly, his attention is drawn to the far part of the room, where a tablet overlooks a piece of stone with many holes in it. He walks toward the tablet and sees that it shows Anubis raising a monster from the ground (a la "dead is dead"). His eyes widen, the boy knowing for sure where he is and what is happening. Whispers are heard behind the boy and a voice calls out to the boy, "Do you know why you have been sent here?". The voice is from an older man in his 40s or 50s and also dressed in medeivel clothing, only decorated in a way that shows that this man is obviously some sort of leader. The young boy stares at the man in contempt and sadness, but says nothing. The man says, "You have brought shame upon your people and made a mockery of me, but worst of all, you have placed this island and the lives of everyone on it in danger. For this, you will be judged." The boy quickly responds,"You have it all wrong. This island is still safe BECAUSE OF ME! If I had not done what I did, they would have come and destroyed everything! Do you think I would just let you hand this island over to THEM? They have corrupted their own world already and this island would become just another casuality." The man interjects,"It is not your decision to make. I decide the fate of this island and I say that we need to reach out to the rest of the world and share what we know. Only then can true peace and prosperity befall the entirety of the human race." The boy then says,"How unfortunate for this island that its leader is too blind to see the truth: that when you let THEM get involved, nothing is spared. They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same. If you cannot see that, then you are as pathetic a leader as you are a father." There is a long pause as the man stares the boy down. The man then says,"You have disrespected me for the last time my son. I am at least grateful that I have Jacob to follow in my footsteps. Where you have failed, your brother will succeed. I have no doubt that he will be ten times the leader that you could ever be." The boy clenches his fists in rage and says,"You will pay father. You and the rest of your loyal followers will pay." The man looks at the boy and says,"It is too late for threats my son... Good bye Esau." Just then, the young boy is distracted as the torch flame goes out and the black smoke rises from its chamber, making its usual noises. The boy looks around, but his father has vanished. The boy turns back to the monster in fear as it consumes him. Memories surround him (as they did Ben), showing pictures of the young boy's past. They include 1) his father addressing his people, saying that he has invited explorers from Europe to the island to share their knowledge of disease, agelessness(this is how Ponce de Leon heard of the Fountain of youth), and technology, 2) the young boy Esau talking to a boy slightly younger then him with blonde hair (Jacob) about how it is not a good idea to let "outsiders" onto their island, 3) Jacob claiming that they are essentially good people and they should not worry, 4) Jacob yelling at Esau for using the Temple to sink a European ship coming to the island, essentially declaring war on the explorers and putting everyone on the island in danger, and 5) Jacob telling his father what Esau had done in front of all of his people (the original others), and 6) Esau defending his actions in front of the others and claiming that his father was an awful leader for letting people come to the island. The smoke monster then recedes into its chamber. Esau looks around in consternation before seeing a mysterious man in the shadows. Esau asks who this person he is and gets no reply. He then asks,"are you going to kill me?". After a long pause, the man answers by saying, " have work to do." The screen pans in on Esau's face turning from worry into a devious smile. Lost

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