Have you ever noticed, when Sayid goes to the barracks, that he always ends up being a prisoner or something awful happens to him? When he went to rescue Jack from the others with Kate and Locke, he was beaten up and handcuffed to a swingset for three days. When he went to get Charlotte from Locke's camp to get Lapidus to let him on the helicopter, Hurley tricked him and he ended up being Locke's prisoner, along with Ben. When he went back in time to 1977, he was held at gunpoint by Jin and Radzinsky and put in a jail cell, only to be let out by a boy he shot in the chest. Finally, he was fatally shot in the chest by Daddy Linus while helping Jack get Jughead to the Swan site. Is it coincidence or are the writers making this a motif as they did with Locke and the cliff that the Nigerian plane was perched on (first his legs hurt, so Boone had to climb up it; the he was still healing from the swan lockdown, so Eko had to climb it; then Ethan shot him and he fell off). Could their message be that the show's darkest events ironically occur in the only civilized place on the island; that the one place on the island that seems like the outside world - a nice friendly neighborhood - is actually the most dangerous place of all (also considering that it is surrounded by giant metal death pillars and subject to mass genocide)? Could the writers' message be that Sayid will never be accepted into a civilized community based on his nature as a torturer and killer? Could this be a subliminal message by the writers of xenophobia in this country over middle-eastern Americans? I guess we will have to ask them.

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