Maybe you guys didn't, but around the middle of Season 3, I thought Ben knew everything. In fact, I thought ben was the head honcho of the show and that if we could know everything Ben knew, we would know every secret about the show. But in true dramatic fashion, we were told that there was someone above him: Jacob. And then we were told there was someone who knew as much as Jacob: the MIB. And now, it appears that even the MIB is taking a backseat to an even more powerful figure. After season 1, some may have even thought Tom was the head honcho. Look how far this show has come where even the black smoke sees visions and has to answer to somebody else's rules. Its like in 24, where the terrorist from the first few episodes turns out to be working for another terrorist, who's working for another terrorist, who's wroking for the President or something. Who or what is the top of the food chain in this show? Is it the island itself, are Jacob and MIB at the top, but have rules that each one has to answer to (that kid looked alot like a young Jacob), or will we be shocked to see that Randy Nations is actually behind it all?

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