Does anybody find it interesting that, in the season 5 finale when Locke falls out of the window and Jacob touches him, Locke is revived but does not regain the ability to use his legs? It was as if Jacob knew that the only way to get Locke to the island and then die (thus giving the MIB his loophole) would be for him to be paralyzed but still living after his fall. This would make him go on a walkabout with little faith in anything only to crash on the island, regain feeling in his legs, have the only thing that he cares about be the well-being of the island for healing him, become the leader of the others, eventually die for the island, and be brought back to the island as the only person who could request an audience with Jacob to make the MIB's plans complete. Just like ignoring Ben his whole life and then provoking him into killing him, Jacob did everything possible to make his arch enemies' plans come to fruition. It seems that Jacob actually formulated a plan to help the MIB find his loophole even before he did. Now I am only this impressed because I think that Jacob is the protagonist and MIB is the antagonist, but have you ever seen two supposed mortal enemies work toward the same goal like this in any story you have ever heard? Lost has got to be the most unique and groundbreaking piece of art in the world since Shakespeare. They break the rules of what the "typical" literary formula should be and never cease to blow any of our minds away. I mean, only the Lost writers could show me the same thing twice, but make me even more shocked at seeing it a second time. Of course, I am talking about seeing Locke dead at the end of season 4. Up until that point, that was the one of the scenes that shocked me the most, but the most shocking thing I have ever seen on this show or on television was seeing that Locke was dead AGAIN when his body was dumped out of Illana's crate. The makers of this show prove time and time again that their style is just as formidable as their substance. That said, does anybody have any ideas why Jacob obviously wanted exactly what the MIB wanted: for Locke to survive his fall but still be paralyzed so that a chain of events could lead him down the path to helping MIB find his loophole (the ultimate irony considering Locke's conversation with Jack in the Season 1 finale), and for Ben to be mad and angry enough at Jacob so that three simple words could push him into killing Jacob? Why does Jacob want to die so much and for the person he thinks is fundamentally wrong and dangerous to humanity to succeed? The answer: all of MIB's loophole- Locke being paralyzed and unwanted his entire life only to land on an island where he was "special" enough to become the others' leader and die for the island and Ben being ignored his whole life only to be driven into killing Jacob- IS ALSO JACOB'S LOOPHOLE. Jacob wants to save humanity and knows that the only way to do so is to stop the MIB. But just like the MIB needing help from a complicated plan involving other people to find his loophole, Jacob needed other people to stop the MIB because he couldn't do it himself. Obviously, he needed Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun, Jin, and Sayid's help, so he touched them and brought them to the island. He also needs Richard (and the others) and Illana (and the Ajira crew) to help him. But we are all overlooking the most important character besides Locke in the show: Ben. I think that this entire conflict will come down to a decision that Ben has to make regarding either helping the Losties who have hated him since day 1 and the others who had banished him from the island or to help the MIB who can offer him ultimate power. Jacob knows that Ben might take the MIB's side in the end, so the only way for Jacob to ensure that Ben chooses the side of humanity and good would be for him to allow Ben to kill him and the MIB to succeed: this way, Ben could see that the MIB manipulated him into being a killer and oppose him (just as Sayid turned on Ben when he realized that Ben was being a manipulator). Jacob allowed himself to die instead of just letting his feud with the MIB continue for another 100 years because he knew that the only way to ensure the safety of humanity was to stop the MIB once and for all, even if it meant dying himself and giving the MIB an early lead in this chess game.

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