My least favorite character is Vincent. He is terrible. There is no other character I would like to see killed off the show more then him, but yet the producers say he will be here until the end. What were they thinking? The actor-dog that plays him has no talent, has awful stage presence, and delivers his lines at the most inappropriate times. He almost got Hurley and Charlie killed by finding the keys to the van, was responsible for Shannon's death, and caused so much heartache for the losties by always running away. He could have also helped Jack find the injured people in the opening scene of the pilot episode instead of making Jack find the plane on his own. Why doesnt this loser take some lessons from Lassie: a REAL actor-dog. Vincent is the reason that people don't respect actor-dogs anymore. He has lowered the bar for actor-dogs everywhere and has prevented this show from reaching its full potential. There is not one good thing he has ever done on the show, besides going away for most of season 5. He is the real villain in this show, not the man in black, so I am pretty sure that the latter part of season 6 will deal with the losties defeating him once and for all. That will take that no-talent dog down a few pegs.

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