For years, my dad has HATED Lost. He watched it up to when Sawyer and Kate were in the cages and gave up. He made fun of me for watching it ever since. UNTIL, I was rewatching season 4 while my brother watched for the first time and my dad caught on. He actually begged me to watch the season 5 finale with him a few weeks ago. Anyway, he said something to me that even I, the biggest Lost fan ever, hadn't thought of. He said that Jacob WANTED for Ben to kill him not to uphold some plan to ultimately stop his nemesis or because he had a plan to somehow survive the stabbing, but because Jacob just didn't want to live anymore. He has lived for probably hundreds of years, if not longer, all alone in a statue. He doesn't age and cant get sick, and it takes an elaborate, 5-season plot to murder him. Maybe he cant commit suicide either. What if Jacob did nothing to defend himself against Ben's attack or Unlocke's plot (which he obviously knew about before they walked into the statue) because he was desperate to finally die? Lost is ripe with hidden philosophical messages and this could be touching on philosophy's most important topic: the meaning of life. Maybe Darlton and Lost are trying to show that even living forever with superpowers on a magical island sounds great, after a while, life could be a worse fate than death.

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