As I see the drama unfolding on this site about answers and season 6, I must remind everybody that EVERY SEASON has been like this. The formula for a season of Lost (not really counting season 1 because the creators were still trying to establish a franchise) is answering the big cliffhanger from the previous year in the first scene and then making the first few episodes as slow as possible with very little answers. I am not saying that the first few episodes of each season are bad, just slow. Season 2: We find out whats in the hatch, then wait 4 episodes while the same Desmond/Jack/Locke gunpoint scene is shown over and over and Sawyer/Michael are floating in the water. Season 3: We find out where the others live, then wait four episodes while they are in cages eating fish bars; the revelation about what happened to the swan didn't even happen until episode 4. Season 4: We find out that only 6 people returned from the island, then watch Locke making eggs and Kate running across the island for 6 episodes until "The Constant" rolls around. Season 5: We find out Daniel Faraday somehow traveled in time when the island moved, then watch Kate and Sun have some tea until "Jughead" comes by. We all expected this to be a grabbag of answers, but the writers are patient and will do what they do every year: save the best episodes for last. The first few episodes of every season are slow and feel anticlimactic because we compare them to the previous year's finale. Were "The beginning of the end" or "eggtown" in the same league as "Through the Looking Glass?" No. Its always been like this: the calm before the storm.

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