Let's test our predictions about how we think the writers will do in answering our questions. Everybody either says to be patient or that they hate Lost now, so lets conduct an experiment and put our predictions in a time capsule to open up after May 23rd. Say the top 10 or 15 mysteries you want to be answered and how many you think will actually be answered. I'll start:

1) What is the destiny of the 815 survivors? 2) What is the loophole? 3) Why do the numbers have such power? 4) How do Jacob and MIB have the powers they do? 5) What is Richard's backstory? 6) What are the whispers? 7) How did the statue get destroyed? 8) Why is the Black Rock in the middle of the jungle? 9) Why do pregnant women die on the island? 10) What's Christian's story? 11) Will the volcanoe be back? 12) Who is MIB exactly? 13) How/why is this island so powerful? 14) What is Charles Widmore's war? 15) Will the two timeline's connect somehow?

I predict 13 or 14 of these questions will be answered

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