Season 6 opener:

An eye opens, the same from all of the promos for season 6. We are expecting a familiar face, but instead see that it is of a 13-year-old boy with jet black hair. The boy looks around in both confusion and fear, panting and crying as he sees that he is in a strange, dark room. He stops and notices an ancient stone tablet of anubis calling the smoke monster (a la "dead is dead"). He stops crying and wipes his face, walking towards the tablet with curiousity and familiarity. he sees the tablet and chokes up as if realizing where he is. Suddenly, whispers begin to sound and subsequently a man begins to talk from behind him, appearing seemingly out of nowhere (think Christian to Michael in "there's no place like home"). the boy turns and his eyes open wide. The man says,"you have brought great shame to your family today my son. you know what happens next." The boy replies with a pleading cry,"please father. i did not mean it. i was only angry with what Jacob-". The man replies "Your brother has nothing to do with this. You are here because of what you have done, because of what you have said... and now it is time to be judged." Black smoke begins to make its sounds as it comes out of its home beneath the stone tablet. The boy shouts "Please father." The man replies, "I am sorry, but this must be done Esau." The boy is saddened but is distracted by the black smoke consuming him as it did Ben. He looks to where his father was standing, but he is gone. Then, the black smoke begins to show the boy memories of his past. They include the boy saying "I dont care about anyone. people are evil", a young blonde-haired boy saying "you are wrong. people make mistakes, but in the end, they will do the right thing. all that matters is progress", a conversation between the black-haired boy and his dad where the boy says "no human is worthy of livng on this island" and the dad replies "you will not speak to me like that Esau, especially in front of my people. For this, you will be punished", and finally a shot of the young boy Esau saying "I dont care if every person in the world has to die to protect this island". The black smoke recedes back into its multi-holed chamber beneath the tablet. Esau is startled by an unfamiliar voice. It is Christian Shephard, appearing out of nowhere. Christian speaks as if he knew every detail of Esau's situation,"You are absolutely right." Esau asks, "Who are you?" Chrisian says, "you are right. the people of this world need to be stopped and you must be the one to make that happen. It will be long and difficult task, but you will succeed in the end". Esau looks with a smile at Christian. Christian continues, "Come... you have work to do". Cut to black and Lost title sequence.

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