• Losterman

    MIB's Crazy Mother

    March 17, 2010 by Losterman

    You know, there was a while there when lots of people were specualting that Jacob = Aaron, and I have no idea whether that is the case. But I haven't really heard anyone speculate that MIB = Aaron. In Recon, MIB explains to Kate how he also had a mother who was crazy, and that MIB is still trying to work through the issues that this created for him. Is it possible that the crazy mother that MIB is referring to is actually Claire?

    Ofcourse this creates lots of complications such as the fact that MIB appears to be centuries old whereas Aaron is still just a kid, but this would be where the whole time travel aspect would come into play.

    Any thoughts on this?

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  • Losterman

    I've never heard anyone mention the significance of the fact that "Ash" appears to be able to contain/repel the "Smoke" monster. Smoke is a by-product of a substance being reduced to Ash, so I wonder if there is some significance to that relationship between those 2 substances? Just a thought.

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