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June 10, 2009
  • Lostblogger

    Maybe the numbers are special because Hurley made them special. We hear Hurley saying the numbers over the radio when Danielle and her crew land on the island. So maybe, that is where the numbers started?

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  • Lostblogger

    Theory on Locke...

    July 23, 2009 by Lostblogger

    Ok, so what if Lockes back story is foreshadowing or mirroring his role on the island;

    He finds his Dad (his destiny), he devotes himself to him, and sacrifices himself (his kidney) only to find out his dad didn't care about him at all...he wasn't "special" he was just being conned.

    He finds the island (his destiny), he devotes himself to it, and sacrifices himself for it (he died) only to find out the island didn't consider him special at all, it just wanted him to think he was so he could be used as the loophole.

    Does this make sense? To me there seems to be a lot of similarities to the island and his dad, mostly in how he perceives them.

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  • Lostblogger
    I was reading about this Goddess on line here are a couple of things;

    “Taweret - The Great Female - was the ancient Egyptian goddess of maternity and childbirth, protector of women and children. Like Bes, she was both a fierce demonic fighter as well as a popular deity who guarded the mother and her newborn child.”

    It was in her role of a protector that she was seen as a goddess. As the mother hippo is protective of her young, Taweret was believed to be protective of Egyptian children. She was often shown holding the sa hieroglyph of protection or the ankh hieroglyph of life. She was thought to assist women in labor and scare off demons that might harm the mother or child.

    So I was thinking maybe the women started having problems carrying the…

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  • Lostblogger

    Ok, I read on here somewhere where someone made a reference to Jacob and the bible, but I can't find the post/blog. But it got me thinking about Jesus...When he died, he was killed by Satan (using people of course to do his dirty work), and when Jesus died Satan rejoiced and thought he had actually killed him and won. However, God had a plan the whole time, and Jesus dying was part of Gods plan and was actually needed for Jesus to become our savior. So what Satan thought was his HIS victory was actually GODS victory. And it was only through Jesus's death that we were able to be "saved".

    So maybe, Jacobs death was his original plan to begin with, and that is how he is able to "save" the island. or whatever. Just a thought...what do you think…

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