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    Seven Deadly Sins

    May 18, 2009 by Lost watch

    The seven deadly sins can be represented by the characters. I found some differences in what the 7 deadly sins are but here goes nothing. Let me know what you think.

    Lust: Sun (has an affair on her husband even after Jacob touches her and lets her and her husband not to take their marriage for granted.) Gluttony: Hurley (obvious reasons) Greed: Kate - steals, robs etc, takes what she wants (men, lives,or items) Sloth: Charlie - gets addicted to drugs, has never really worked for anything other than his one hit song Wrath: Sayid - he is ready to kill and has done so many times Envy: Locke - he wants to be like his dad, he wants to be the leader, he wants to be able to go on a walkabout Pride: Jack - he wants to fix everything, ever…

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